What are Electronic Cigarettes?









What is the Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic cigarette, electric cigarette or e-cigarette provides a clean and comfortable alternative to smoking. There are no stale tobacco odours. Your body, home, office and car can be free of ash, cigarette butts, and tobacco smoke, thanks to this ingenious device.

In many ways the KING CIG E-Cig looks the same as normal cigarette and functions just like a regular cigarette. The e-cigarette tip glows when the smoker draws on the filter to inhale. The vapour which is inhaled offers a realistic substitute for tobacco smoke and even gives the same nicotine throat hit and taste. But how does it actually work?

How E-Cigarettes Work

The white body of the e-cigarette is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The 'Cartridge' filter is a sealed nicotine container and disposable vaporizer combined. This part attaches to the battery. When you inhale, the electronic cigarette battery activates and starts to vaporize the contents of the Cartridge. The LED tip of the e-cigarette glows red while inhaling and returns to standby mode when you stop.

The King Cig Electronic Cigarette

King Cig's aim was to provide a suitable long-term smoking alternative which could offer the similar sensation and taste of a regular cigarette without the nasty side effects. Extensive research and feedback obtained from cigarette smokers was used to assist in the development of King Cig Electronic Cigarette.

The ingenious King Cig E-Cig is an alternative designed by smokers to meet the needs of smokers.The device is the most realistic smoking alternative available.

Is the Electronic cigarette right for you?

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